Trilogy Technologies provides a one-stop PCB services from design to PCB fabrication. We have in-house PCB designers that are IPC-2221 trained and we worked closely with factories who can fabricate 1 – 30 layers of Rigid PCB, semi-flex PCB and Flex PCB of strictest design rules. We are able to do PCB out of various materials spanning from FR4, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Hybrid and Aluminum based. Ability to provide quick turnaround time of 48 hours for 1 - 2 layers and 76 hours for 4 layers boards. Our factories have the various capabilities to fabricate boards up to IPC-600 and IPC-6012 Class 3 standards.


We have our own in-house SMT machines to ensure highest quality in absolute confidential environment. The machines have capability of mounting BGA or CSP with 0.3mm pitch. The highly dynamic team, trained for high-mixed low volume product mixed (no MOQ), have the capability of feeding even a single piece of component into the SMT line for auto-insertion. With complete facilities located in Singapore, we are able to provide excellent turnaround time (within 4 days for express services) should a customer request for it.

We have also a team of highly skilled operators and engineers, who are trained for IPC-J-STD-001, who can perform manual soldering of QFN and fine-pitch components. Such skills allow the team to produce high quality boards that meet IPC-610 Class 3 standards.

Completing the valued chain for PCBA, we have BGA rework machine (APR-5000XL) for boards as big as 250x250mm and our engineers are trained as trainer for IPC-7711/7721. Highly skilled in repair and rework of PCB boards.

Cable Harness

Cable Harness

Trilogy Team of cable harness engineers and technicians have many years of experience helping customers in bringing concepts/designs to practical implementation. Governed by strong technical knowledge and experience of various connectors, notably RF, military and hybrid, the team consistently high-quality military grade cables for various industries. The team participated in design phase of customer initial design phase and provide feedbacks and recommendations towards suitable connector types and cable materials for the complete harness.

The team is supported by various calibrated equipment and schleuniger made cable cutting and stripping equipment to ensure highest quality in its cable harness.

Box Build

Box Build

Coupled with in-house mechanical capabilities, Trilogy works closely with customers during design phase to ensure we develop and fabricate boxes and internal layout in accordance to customer requirements. The boxes fabricated conform to various standards, such as IP rating and various regulatory needs. The boxes will then be tested according to customer contractual requirements or industrial standards.